Friday, 25 July 2008

Council officials fine smoking driver

If you create petty laws, then petty people will arise to enforce them and will do so with glee, such as those working at Ceredigion Council in Wales, who issued a £30 ticket to one Gordon Williams, a painter and decorator, for smoking a cigarette in his own van.

What a contemptible shower of shite these people are! I urge my readers to phone and complain. We must begin making it more difficult for these Lilliputian tyrants. Their website has the number of a snitch line for the public to report offences, and the actions of their staff are certainly offensive. Try their ' Smoke-Free Compliance Line' on 0845 3002525 or the main Council switchboard on 01545 572105.

This kind of incremental suffocation by officials, and the public's willingness to acquiesce in their own degradation is finely illustrated by the Chaser's Citizen's Infringement Officer, here doling out fines for number plates he doesn't like:



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Australian gentleman issuing tickets for 'being a wanker'. I needed a laugh this morning and you have provided it.

Trooper Thompson said...

Always happy to oblige. There are lots of good clips from the guys from 'Chaser's War on Everything'. There's another where he goes round fining people for crap tattoos.