Saturday, 16 August 2008

Summer: a vicarious thrill

For all this talk of climate change, the English summer has remained depressingly the same as ever - a couple of good weeks in early May, followed by three months of overcast skies and periodic downpours, during which the natives vainly hope for a late rally, an 'indian summer' as it's called. Anyone planning to visit England, bring a brolly - if you're lucky it can double as a parasol (a word so rarely needed in this country, we never bothered to translate it).

So here's Manu Chao playing 'Por donde saldra el sol' to remind me of hot summer nights - spent far away from these shores.


alison said...

God this summer is dire! It's cold. I remember when i was a kid ('ere we go ;) summer's were HOT dammit!

Trooper Thompson said...

Yeah, right - and it snowed every winter too! We remember selectively. I remember the drought of '76, and getting burnt lobster-red quite often on Shanklin beach, but I can't be sure how often that happened.

I think this year's been pretty average. At my age I'm beginning to see a pattern - the one I set out above. If we do get more sun, it usually ends just before the bank holiday. Sometimes we're lucky I guess. Still, if you want sun, go to Spain!