Thursday, 21 August 2008

Who is this guy?

Every day without fail I read in the London free papers about someone called Rhys Ifans, who is described as an actor, although I have no idea when, if ever, he has been employed in this capacity. Now, I pride myself on a lofty disdain for popular culture, and I dare say a little research would garner an answer to my original question, but I enjoy the suspense of not knowing.

Also turning up with the regularity of a German transportation system are the Geldorf girls, Lily Allen and one of Ozzie Osborne's brood, whose name slips my mind. Is there really this little happening on the London scene? Of course not. I suspect rather than me being out of touch, it's the media that don't know what's going on.


alison said...

Rhys Evans was in Notting Hill. Are you reading the London Paper by any chance? It's Murdoch's number and set about expressly to dial up the entertainment stories. Eugh. It's not so much the London scene which has a hell of a lot going on underground again. They focus on crap that has a broad appeal...sadly that is Geldoffs overdosing marrying daughter, Lily Allen's silly weight issues and the Ozbournes.

Bleughghghhg. That's why i hate my job ;)

Trooper Thompson said...

I was happy in my ignorance!

Yo're right that loads is going on, but I still wonder who is supposed to care about these zed-listers?

alison said...

Hey check this out. Trying hard not to want to reach in and grab the fucker by the throat and slap his chops. Ugh!!!!

and i dont even smoke

Trooper Thompson said...

See above!

Thanks for the link.