Saturday, 6 September 2008

Surely even the Stasi didn't recruit eight-year-olds?

The descent into tyranny continues apace with news that local councils are recruiting children as young as eight to act as informants. Such is the fascist mindset that prevails amongst these townhall tinpots, such schemes are supposed to " help (children) learn new skills and in a wider context, about citizenship".

You got that? Being a good citizen means serving the state by snooping around and snitching on your neighbours in the hope of getting paid for the information. Sieg heil you fucking cocksuckers.

Hat tip: David Davis at the Libertarian Alliance Blog


David Davis said...

is there not perhaps some perfectly legal manner in which the lives of those (or just him, or her? I wonder if it's a "her"? An aspiring British-State-Primary-School teacher maybe?) who have thought this up could be made miserable, depressing and unlive-able? Strictly legal, mind... (No funny business, nothing of the sort, for we are "not that kind of a people".)

Trooper Thompson said...

Hmm, tricky question... I don't know that there is, to be honest.

Freedom-loving people need to become more active in society, speak out and challenge things more. What's that quote about evil triumphing and good people doing nothing? We have to make it more difficult to introduce this velvet-gloved fascism.