Monday, 1 September 2008

Uh-oh! Global warming is off. Get ready for the new Ice Age

Although the astronomers are quibbling over one little spec on the 21st, according to many, there were no sun spots throughout the month of August, the first time in almost 100 years that the sun has been so placid.

Such periods are associated with global cooling, although there are some (followers of Saint Al, patron saint of hypocrits) who dismiss any connection between the earth's climate and that huge fiery orb that rises every morning. Time will tell.

(Hat tip: Infowars , pic and story: Daily Tech )


cisbio said...

Howdy hombre

About four years I uploaded a widget for my compooter that relays SOHO pictures of sunspot activity -except there hasn't been ANY visible activity in all that time. The world's most boring widget.

Meanwhile, this summer the arctic ice cap became circumnavigable for the first time in human history.

Go figure.

go to for the pictures.

This is another instance of those EVIL (Globalist propagandist) climate scientists getting hopelessly wrong. They previously thought this event would occur around AD 2070.

Trooper Thompson said...

You delude yourself if you think climate scientists all share the same opinion, and in any case, their modelling has so far proved about as useful for predicting the future as the prophesies of Merlin.

As for global warming versus cooling, I'd rather be able to circumnavigate the North Pole in a boat than walk there from Southern England over a sheet of ice, like our ancestors could 10,000 years ago.

cisbio said...

Aah Merlin!

Sticking my finger randomly into the Prophecies of Merlin, I find:

"The Severn Sea shall flow forth through seven months and the River Usk shall be boiling hot for seven months. Its fish will die because of the heat..."

QED, methinks.

The only question is who the Ass of Wickedness represents - Big Oil, Al Gore or maybe Ashley Cole?
I'm sure you can gloss that for yourself.

Climate modelling may be a perilous task, but it is better to attempt models, rather than just gainsaying the models, as the deniers do, simply because it's easier and suits their cosy status quo.

Seriously, don't you find the rapid (accelerating) disappearance of the Arctic Ice cap alarming? What explains it, do you think?

Trooper Thompson said...

Definitely Ashley Cole.

Let them model, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and they have a pretty poor record. They are predicting the future, and have been for some time now, and haven't done a good job so far. The models are limited because they are not nearly as complex as the actual climate.