Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, and no dignity neither

You want to take a flight somewhere? Well, show me your cock. Show me your pussy. Let me stare at your naked body. That's the deal, folks. That's the deal our would-be slave-masters are bringing down on us. I'll keep pointing it out, and sooner or later you people out there will find the one thing that is a step too far. For some people, it'll be finger-printing your children, for others, it will be mandatory tracking devices fitted to your cars, for others it will be airport security oggling your naked bodies with the new generation of scanners.

Something, for fuck's sake, will wake you out of your stupor.


cisbio said...

Your picture is obviously a forgery since King David WAS NOT A BRITISH CITIZEN!

Now, if we all had ID cards this kind of thing WOULDN"T happen.

Also, his pecker is very small and cannot be oogled with standard scanners.

Trooper Thompson said...

So would your pecker be if you had to stand on a drafty plinth all day.