Sunday, 23 November 2008

BNP members arrested as police trample on free speech

Freedom of speech is for unpopular opinions - popular opinions do not need defending. It is always the case that minorities - either because they are disliked or can be turned into scapegoats - are the first to be targeted by oppressive laws. This why foreign nationals are the first to have ID cards forced upon them, and why so much effort is expended to curtail the activities of the BNP.

Hence it it unsurprising that 12 BNP members have been arrested for distributing leaflets in Liverpool. According to the party the leaflets had been vetted and thus it is unlikely that any charges will ever come about. Nevertheless, the police - as minions of an increasingly fascistic government - will have achieved their objective in sending a message to the public; political activity is a crime. Sieg Heil you pricks.

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