Monday, 22 December 2008

Fascist Labour drunk on tyranny

The fascist labour government continues its assault upon individual rights, wiping its arse on Magna Charta and the common law. New regulations are being circulated allowing bailiffs to break and enter and use violence against householders.

But don't worry because, according to the Times: "The government ... says the new powers would be overseen by a robust industry watchdog." Right.

I follow an older law chez moi, and any bailiff breaking into my house runs the risk of having his head caved in.

(Hat tip: Infowars)


cisbio said...

just popped by to wish you a groovy Christmas and a New Year full of freedom and fraternity and liberty for all, ahem.

(like the Thucydides quote)

Trooper Thompson said...

And to you man.