Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Gideon Rachman: as slimey as they cum

Poor little Gideon Rachman. All he does is call for a global government and he gets 'covered with internet slime'. The FT journo feigns surprise that not everyone wants to surrender to the New World Order, and hits back at his inferiors, labelling them 'gun-toting, Bible-bashing' nationalists.

To spare his feelings, the comments section was shut down on the article. Rachman on his FT-hosted 'blog' complains 'these people can read, but they cannot think', and goes on to flatter himself that he is now considered part of the conspiracy. No Rachman, you're just an arrogant cunt, not used to debating with people who fundamentally reject your message and with beliefs they're ready to die defending. So go fuck yourself, arsehole. Your New World Order will fail.

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