Sunday, 21 December 2008

Porton Down's new bioweapon: GM 'food'

How fitting that the government is to use Porton Down for growing GM crops. The bioweapons facility, notorious for killing British soldiers in experiments with nerve gas and other horrors, is the ideal venue, due to the widespread public hostility to the poisonous crops. Currently the government, in the pocket of the corporate interests pushing the Monsanto seed monopoly, is hampered by rules that dictate that crop trials should be made public. Such regulations are anathema to the secrecy-loving, high-handed fascists of New Labour. The GM conspiracists are desperate to circumvent the democratic will of the people in Europe, and have friends - or at least helpful creatures - in high places, such as Mandelson, pro-GM commissioner turned government 'lord'.

GM food is one issue where public awareness has thwarted the corporatocracy's plans, or at least hampered them, but the war is far from over, and the enemy remains determined.

(Hat tip: Infowars) (pic)

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