Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sieg Heil Obama

Fuck Obama and his brain-washed worshippers. You fucking dupes!

Naivity is touching in little children. In adults, it's positively dangerous.

Hear what these nazi scum say, as they pledge to be servants of Obama (that's a direct quote).


cisbio said...

That's perhaps the most inspiring clip I have ever seen.

Some thoughts:
Cameron Diaz looks like an alien,
whereas Demi Moore still looks HOT. (probably the lighting)

cisbio said...

BTW: Naivety is spelt wrong

tch, tch

Trooper Thompson said...

Hey, where I come from (the 17th Century) you can spell how you like!

(Thanks - it's one of those words I never get right)

John said...

Track these liberal lying scum over the next three years to verify all the pledges they DID NOT even remotely approach, all the more execute.

obama sheeple, total lying idiot liberal scum.