Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Police admit anti-terrorist stop-and-search nothing to do with terrorism

...In fact it's to 'reassure the public'! What the fuck!

Speaking as a member of the public, I am not reassured by police having draconian powers to violate my privacy with no warrant nor even a reasonable suspicion. What despicable double-think. According to new guidance, Mr Plod should:

"Reassure the individual that the stop is a routine part of counter-terrorist policing and it is a preventative power proven to help make London safer from a terrorist attack".

Err... when was this proven? When have they ever caught a terrorist by random searches? Are we supposed to believe that the crazed suicide suicide squads have hung up their dynamite vests for fear of being searched?

As with all the so-called anti-terror laws, we the public are the target. The message is incessant: 'Do what you're told. Habituate yourself to having your rights violated. Trust your leaders. Shut up! Be happy!"

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