Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A harvest of tyranny

One of the key aspects of fascism is the combination of state and corporate power. One of the greatest enemies of today's would-be tyrants is the freedom of the internet. Hence the UK regime's continual offensive against the free circulation of information, using the muscle of BT and the other big players to 'harvest' data from the smaller ISPs. According to Chris Williams in the Register:

"The government will call on BT and other big communications firms to monitor small ISPs' customers and keep private information on them under European data retention rules, the Home Office has revealed...

A Home Office spokeswoman confirmed the laws mean higher tier providers, including BT, will be called on to act as the government's collectors, pooling pivate communications data from dozens of small reseller networks."

Elsewhere the government ├╝ber-voyeurs push on with the integration of our health records into their control grid, the perfect programme for increasing their power over us as individuals and handing trunk-loads of our money to their corporate accomplices.

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