Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Jack Straw: the thief of liberty

To understand the relentless vileness of the UK regime, exemplified by Minister of Justice (sic) Jack Straw, consider these two stories:

In the first one, Straw blocks the people from learning what was discussed in Cabinet prior to launching the unprovoked war on Iraq. His reason - excuse me while I spit out the bile - it would 'harm democracy'. No, Straw, you cunt. It would harm you and your stinking party.

In the second one, Straw does a soft-shoe-shuffle on one aspect of the regime's total control grid, contained in the Coroners and Justice Bill. According to the report; "he has asked officials to draw up plans to tighten the provisions in an attempt to allay fears about a drift towards a “surveillance society”, and thus win public confidence in the measure."

Drift indeed. It's never been a drift - it's been full steam ahead towards the Orwellian Nightmare State for as long as Labour have been in power, because they are dirty, little control-freak voyeurs, who would be masturbating in the bushes outside a nurses hall of esidence if they weren't in government.

(Pic: Reuters)

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