Saturday, 7 March 2009

Meet Mandrake the money master

From G. Edward Griffin's 'The Creature from Jekyll Island', a book which reveals the origin of the US Federal Reserve, here explaining 'The Mandrake Mechanism' - the method for creating money out of thin air:

"What is it? It is the method by which the Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing; the concept of usury as the payment of interest on pretended loans; the true cause of the hidden tax called inflation; the way in which the Fed creates boom-bust cycles.

In the 1940s, there was a comic strip character called Mandrake the Magician. His specialty was creating things out of nothing and, when appropriate, to make them disappear back into that same void. It is fitting, therefore, that the process to be described in this section should be named in his honor. "

Read the chapter - know thine enemy"

See G. Edward Griffin explain the Federal Reserve system:

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