Sunday, 22 March 2009

The people versus the politicians

A recent poll by the BBC discovered 55% of respondents agreed with the statement that 'Britain should leave the EU but maintain close trading links'. The poll also revealed that the current bankster-inspired financial crisis has not softened opposition to joining the Euro currency bloc.

Fortunately for the 'I ♥ EU' crowd, Britain is not a democracy, so the opinions of the people can be dismissed with a limp-wristed wave of the hand. But the politicos know that if they ever allow that particular Pandora's box to open, the 'grand project' is doomed to destruction.

The essential one-ness of the centrist leviathan that poses as Labour/Tory/LibDem can clearly be seen in this encounter between Charles Clarke and Daniel Hannan. Clarke, predictably, doesn't give a flying fuck what the people think, but at least he's coherent in his multiple stinking lies.

(N.B. Video posted by UKIP with some commentary)

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