Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Who wants to live in this man's 'New World Order'

Gordon Brown is an utterly degenerate piece of trash, who has no mandate to govern this country. No one believes a word he says and even the most blindly-loyal labourite must feel shame and nausea when they see the rancid turd he is, paddling his 'New World Order' canoe, preaching the saving grace of globalism in that repugnant way he does; the leathery mouth, the Frankenstein's monster body-movements, the empty, meaningless phrases.

This thief of our gold and pensions, this tool of the bankers, this fraud of an economist, bankrupt of ideas, bankrupt of charm and grace, now plans treachery and treason at G20 - the abolition of democracy and sovereignty, submission to global financial tyranny, under control of the very criminal oligarchs who've dragged the economy down and are busy feeding on its still-quivering corpse.

Fuck G20. Locking my city down - YOU ARROGANT CUNTS!

Fuck Brown, Obama, the banksters and their New World Order.

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