Monday, 13 April 2009

Gordo's cross of iron

"Gordon Brown has vowed to make every young person do 50 hours of voluntary work by the time they reach the age of 19."

What a good idea.



alison said...

When is this man gonna resign. Why can't the Queen dissolve Parliament anymore on public no confidence. Oh wait! We utterly diminished her role under the socialist republicans in Nu Labout, that's why. Grrrrr.

Hope you're well.

This morning I saw a woman use her cellphone to photograph a bus driver she decided was in the wrong. He whipped out a digital camera and photographed her back. Their mutual expressions were priceless. The world's gone indignant self righteous bat shit crazy.

Anyway. I'm blogging again. I have nothing useful to add to your cool posts as they are all way too clever for moi. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello.

Trooper Thompson said...

He'll never resign. Come the next election, they'll carry him out together with the sofa he'll be clinging to.

As for the Queen, I wouldn't say her power was any less than it ever was.

I am well thank you, I hope you are also well.

I like this new photography craze - as you know I'm no fan of the surveillance state (to say the least) so it's good that everyone is doing it for themselves. Also it fits in with the alternative media, doing the job that the mainstream media won't.

'way too clever for moi' - I'm not sure that compliment - welcome though they always are - fits this particular post, but you gotta take 'em when you can get 'em.

Take care, welcome back to the bloggosphere, I'll be sure to visit your new site - when I discover it.


alison said...

Sadly she's dininsihed along with our constitutional monarchy.

I like the new public journo photography state too. It's ridiculous and will literally serve to cause no end of amusement watching people mutually scupper themselves in their pointless petty stupidity and attempts to snatch cash. Like today! Thankfully someone else caught that Tomlinson on camera fucking with the police too. Puts paid to this notion he was some innocent just randomly on his way home. The truth will eventually out with more photos and testimony. No matter how the fascist fuckers in the press try to spin it.

Thanks - it's the same as before. Dirty M.

I mean your intelligence generally btw :)

Bisous and hugs, glad you are well.


Trooper Thompson said...

"Sadly she's diminished along with our constitutional monarchy"

Not a bad thing, if true, but not necessarily leading to a better state of affairs. I'm a sovereignty of the people type fellow.

In any case, I reckon Queenie still packs a punch.

As for the recent police brutality shocker, I must admit I haven't caught up with the part about the guy who died becoming the bad guy, I'm only up to the bit where the cops pretend that there was no film in the cctv cameras that festoon the environs.


alison said...

Yeah he was caught on camera pissed as fuck an hour and a half before the awful beating he sustained, trying to block police vans. I don't blame the police for putting out any old BS until proven otherwise in this day and age. They have a publicity team who do what we do in my line of work regards the crummy fuckwit media. Eventually the truth outs in a court of law.

Wyrdtimes said...

Of course because education is a devolved matter this is another one of McBroons hair brained schemes that will only apply in England.

Where not a soul has voted for him

Trooper Thompson said...


"Eventually the truth outs in a court of law."

I think the word is occasionally, rather than eventually.

"I don't blame the police for putting out any old BS until proven otherwise in this day and age"

This is not how the police should act. They should not increase the violence and trouble in demonstrations, but they often do.

Riot police like riots - that's obvious, it's something about donning the body armour and helmet, picking up the shield and the big stick, being part of a posse with carte blanche to bash heads in a crazy gladiatorial street battle, and if there ain't a battle, they're likely to start it, by taking the piss. If there's one thing that goads a crowd, it's the amount of piss the authorities take. I don't like being herded like cattle, or treated with harsh disrespectful terms, and no copper has a right to slap me with a truncheon, if I've done no wrong.

Trooper Thompson said...


Indeed true.