Friday, 15 May 2009

The Judiciary: Serving the criminal community

It seems being a heroin addict has the same effect as the American Express card in the old adverts when it comes to our so-called justice system. Judges, apparently, have been told not to jail any criminal with such a habit, illustrated by Judge Simon Darwell-Smith's decision not to send two burglars photographed in the act by a neighbour. As noted below, the cops are sick of going after criminals who they've already caught many times, only for the appointed wig to set free them with an indulgent smile, and the public are rightly furious for the same reason.

Once we finish with our indignation at the politicians for lining their own pockets, can we please save a bit of ire for the judges? They're crying out for the same treatment. A bit of rough democracy will do them some good, and teach them who they're supposed to be working for.

Hat tip: Libertarian Party blog


alison said...

Great post!

alison said...

Hope you don't mind but I picked all your excellent links for a post at ATW. I wanted to link and credit you but wasn't sure how you felt about that?

thematrixhasyou said...

Trooper did you see this?

it's got quite a few votes on.. well more then i've ever seen for one of these petitions. thought you and your readers might want to sign it if you didn't already. Even if it does nothing it's nice to let him know he's a twat.

Trooper Thompson said...

I heard about it. Personally, I think we might as well wait another year, by which time the corpse will stink that much more. Also, I'm hoping that some alternative will arise.