Sunday, 3 May 2009

OECD - meet Gordon's boss

Ian Parker-Joseph, head of the Libertarian Party, has put together a very good article, laying out the OECD's influence over economic policy in this country and throughout the (New) world (Order). He writes:

'Did you think that Gordon Brown was a good chancellor, or a good Prime Minister. Did you think that he had fiscal skills that were world class. No, neither did I.

He is following a blueprint, laid out in documentation at the OECD, which clearly outlines how all Western States should be approaching PFI, local authority outsourcing, regional funding, cross border equalisation of fiscal policies, Target driven policies including the KPI's to be measured and most contentious of all, Tax Policy. OECD has even planned out how your family should be structured and planned by their Directorate of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs.'

Read the article.

(Hat tip: DK)

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