Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What was she on?

A terrible and tragic crime; a mother drowns her own son; a crime where not only the victim but the perpetrator is to be pitied.

As is ALWAYS - 100% - WITHOUT FAIL the case, the mother will have been suffering from depression prior to the crime. What this signifies is that the mother was being treated for depression, in other words taking prescribed drugs known to cause psychotic episodes and linked to hundreds of similar cases of murder, infanticide and suicide.

We have an aggressive pharmaceutical industry, which dreams of having every one of us diagnosed with something, and once you're taking their pills, the only way to get off them is by reducing the dose over a long period of time - or else you risk complete mental chaos.

We have a degenerate society, wherein people live unfulfilling lives, which should rightly make them miserable to contemplate, but this is not depression, and should not be treated as such by doctors. Digging the garden or sitting in the sunshine will do better to raise your spirits than any pill.

This is not to deny people suffer from mental breakdown, which drugs can help to repair. Nevertheless, the dangers of these drugs must be properly acknowledged and doctors and drug companies must change their behaviour.

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alison said...

I think Prozac is one of the most overused drugs out there and young people are being addicted to this stuff not necessarily by lazy doctors but by consumers of it who are too damn lazy to sort themselves out and that pathetic they think they need that shit "to get on".

My uncle's real mum suffered severe psychotic post natal depression and tried to kill him. He was removed and put into care and adopted by my grandparents who also adopted my mum. She was born to a teenager. I know not many people will have much sympathy for women with it but it is a serious problem.