Thursday, 4 June 2009

When persuasion fails

Justifying the forced vaccination of the nation's children, Sandy Macara, former chairman of the British Medical Association, declares: "Our attempts to persuade people have failed."

What a sickening attitude. You can't persuade them, so you force them to hand over their children to be injected with a cocktail of viruses, mercury, formaldehyde etc. Sounds like another good reason to keep your kids out of the state's indoctrination camps.

The Department of Health is not yet on board. According to a spokesman:

"Our strategy is to maintain a voluntary immunisation system and invest efforts in educating parents about the benefits of vaccination and dispelling 'myths' about vaccine safety."

Rather than dispelling 'myths', how about actually addressing vaccine safety? Here's your starting point; google 'SV40'.


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