Saturday, 18 July 2009

Could whoever's taken the police's brain, please return it

The police are always going to make mistakes, but the problem increasingly seems to be, that once they have embarked on a particular course of action, they see it through to the bitter end, refusing to allow any kind of common sense to intervene, and when it's all over and their stupidity is revealed for all to see, they will justify themselves and defend their actions. "We followed procedure" they say.

Hence we read of a judge angrily throwing out a case against a couple in Bristol, who decided to tidy up the garden of an abandoned local house. From the moment the police arrived on the scene, following (allegedly) a tip-off, to the moment the case is brought into court, not once did these mud-brained coppers stop to consider what they were doing.

A similar situation was reported on the front page of yesterday's Metro, when a barbeque with fifteen people in attendance was raided and shut down by five squad cars, a riot van and a helicopter. The first problem is that they arrived in the first place, when there had been no complaint (they had learned of the event from snooping MySpace), but this is initial error is massively compounded by continuing with the raid when it was clear that no offence was taking place, and then to cap it all, they justify their actions.

Coppers, I know it's a hard job, but for fuck's sake can you turn off the radio, put down the procedure manual and re-engage the grey matter? You don't have to be perfect, you just have to remember what your primary purpose is; to serve the public.

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