Sunday, 19 July 2009

Define 'unfair'

According to the Guardian:

"Private schools offering lavish extracurricular activities give their pupils an unfair advantage and should be forced to share their facilities with state pupils, says a report commissioned by the prime minister."

Unfair indeed. The state school system by design dumbs down and stupifies the major part of the country's children. Those that escape do so either through wealth or through sacrifice, and as someone who went through the government indoctrination camps, I do not begrudge those who don't have to suffer under the social engineers who control it.

Alan Milburn, the report's author, realises that as long as some children are exempt from the state school system, comparisons will persist, and as long as there is any competition to the state school model, either from independent schools or home-schooling, it will be clear how bad state schools are.

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