Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mandelson fails to declare Bilderberg hospitality

Peter Mandelson, Cao Cao to Brown's impotent Emperor Xian, is on the fiddle again, failing to declare hospitality care of the Bilderberg Group meeting held in Greece back in June.

According to the Independent, a spokesman for the ignoble Lord said:

"It's no secret that Peter went to Bilderberg. The trip was declared to the permanent secretary as usual and recorded in the departmental hospitality register. It was below the £1,000 threshold for the House of Lords register."

However, for this to be true, the crooked peer would have had to stay in the cheapest room available and not touched a thing to eat or drink the whole time he was there, hardly likely for a man of such exquisite tastes as Peter.


Anonymous said...

This is the type of humor that we need to be listening to right now. Fart jokes just won't do it. I am trying to weave truth with humor, because fewer and fewer people are willing to listen to the truth.

Trooper Thompson said...

That's a funny clip, cheers for that. I'll have to post some of the guy up.