Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Mandelson: The power behind the throne

Today's papers have focused attention on Peter Mandelson's position as the real power in the government, with 80% of government committees meeting under his cold, reptilian stare.

Some were surprised when Brown brought him back from Europe, but Gordo had no choice: he knew Bilderberg were getting ready to switch operations to the other party, so he had to convince them that there was still life in the New Labour. 'Talk to them Mandy, they'll listen to you,' he must have begged, 'I can still deliver.' What pleasure Mandelson must have derived from seeing his avowed foe grovelling before him.

So Gordon is now almost invisible. The King Rat is back and in full control.


cisbio said...


Methinks you are inferring rather more from the situation than is required to explain it. ( or should that be 'rather less'?)

I think the fact that Brown is ringed by plotters is sufficient to explain Mandy's presence on all these committees.

'Must have' is surely an inference too far. And you might explain why Mandelson has the ear of the dread Bilderberg, while Brown apparently does not.

Should I infer that you know something that I do not - in which case, shouldn't I also infer that YOU ARE BILDERBERG!

Crazy talk? Prove that I'm wrong.

Trooper Thompson said...

Brown, by all reports, can't stand Mandelson and never could. Bringing him back was the act of a desperate man, and Mandelson most likely derived enormous pleasure from it and has now positioned himself as the real power in the government, and when various labour peasants were shaking their pitchforks, it was Mandy who backed them off.

Mandelson is Bilderberg member, there's no doubt about that. He was certainly in the Chantilly, VA meeting last year, as was George Osborne from the other faction.

The fact that the poodle press never bother to ask either of them what they did at that meeting, or even report its existence, doesn't change the truth. Bilderberg's agenda can be guessed at by the actions of their members. Check out Tim Geithner's article after the Chantilly meeting, and notice how it matches George Osborne's recent plan for Bank of England powers. They are corporate-fascist globalists. I am a Libertarian Nationalist, therefore I don't get invited.