Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Fall of the Republic


Here is a first glimpse of Alex Jones most powerful film yet, to be titled Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama. The globalists want the Republic to fall, and they are trying to use their newest, and slickest ever puppet to destroy the last vestiges of Americas freedom, Constitution and economy, all while helping the bankers loot the country clean. But this film shows how we can turn it around, and restore all that was good and right in our nation."


cisbio said...

Alex Jones: [high urgency] This is a hoax and a scam, which is designed to transfer wealth and power from the private sector to the government [!] sector and from the government of the United states to a world government…


Question: Who got the money?

Bernanke: The banks…hundred and hundreds of banks…that have access to the Federal reserve system..


Please don’t get suckered into this stuff, maan! Aren’t you noticing how the corporatists’ and the NWO conspiracists’ hyperbole are converging now that Obama is giving them the excuse? It ain’t a coincidence. It’s not worthy. It’s not even internally consistent. Rant rave

And thanks for the kind word re blog. Perhaps we can create some meagre traffic with some heated blogmud slinging (every other week!)
pint’s a definite- and this time bring Chomsk -I got a book for you)

Trooper Thompson said...

You make me laugh, man.

You pick one quote from the trailer, from Pat Buchanan, who isn't exactly 'on message', and claim it's not consistent.

Err, that's because they're not all singing from a hymn sheet, they have different opinions. If you compare, for instance Webster Tarpley and Buchanan, both of whom are in the film, they have very different views on a host of subjects from each other and the film maker Alex Jones. The reason they both appear in the film is because Alex Jones, presumably, thinks they have something interesting to say.

The favourite politician of Alex Jones is most likely Ron Paul. Does Ron Paul agree with Alex Jones on all issues? Certainly not.

The thread that links many of these disparate voices together is a reverence for the Constitution of the United States, and of course it's authors: the Founding Fathers. Did the Founding Fathers agree on everything? Of course they didn't! Some of the dividing lines between them come down the years to us, such as protectionism versus free trade, states' rights versus the need for a strong national government, and for those who lived a decent span, such as Jefferson, you will find him on different sides of such arguments at different times of his life.

So this is not a film about Pat Buchanan and his views, nevertheless if he has something to say of interest to the film maker, he appears.

"Aren’t you noticing how the corporatists’ and the NWO conspiracists’ hyperbole are converging now that Obama is giving them the excuse?"

Bullshit. The NWO conspiracists, as you choose to call them (passing over the fact that Bush, Brown et al use this phrase time and time again) have been consistent, and when Bush was in power they were denounced as leftie extremists and liberals listened because they attacked Bush. Now Obama's in power, they are denounced as rightwing extremists, and the republicans, out of power, start to parrot them in some areas, as the mainstream media tries to drag the public debate back into the kindergarten left versus right paradigm.

Meanwhile the policies continue undisturbed, as they do in this country when tory hands baton to labour, more privatisation, more PFI, more power to the central bank. What has Obama changed? The wars? If anything these are expanding. The bankster hijack? Again, getting bigger by the day. Do you really think Geithner represents change? Check his biog.

You are not supposed to swallow whatever you are told, you have to think for yourself, educate yourself. Or else you can queue up for your flu shot and not worry about it.

You've got to forget about conspiracy theories. The New World Order is just a name for an agenda. The agenda is real and clearly visible. It is in the WB, IMF, WTO, OECD, WHO etc. These are the organs of 'world governance'. National sovereignty has been stripped away by these organs. The politicians in Westminster don't decide shit, it's done at a higher level.

And you're standing there with your thumb in yer arse, saying "what forest? It's just a bunch of trees". That is the forest, my friend.