Friday, 28 August 2009

Latest from the Department for the Investigation of Ursino-Sylvan Defecation Practices

Apparently English people drink more when they're on holiday. Unbelievable, you may think, but there's evidence! According to the BBC:

"English holidaymakers are turning to drink on their breaks with the average adult consuming eight alcoholic drinks a day, a survey suggests. That equates to 80 drinks over the course of the average holiday, or well over 200 units of alcohol. More than a quarter said they ended up drinking three times more than normal."

No shit, Sherlock. What an amazing fact, that people drink more when they're on holiday with nothing to do but relax and enjoy themselves, as opposed to when they're not on holiday and at work.

"But 70% of the 3,500 adults questioned by the Department of Health said they plan to make September the "new January" by cutting back."

If they drink more on holiday, then perforce they will drink less when they return from holiday. As for 'the new January', whatever snivelling PR prick thought that up is beneath contempt.

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