Sunday, 6 September 2009

IMF fire sale. Everything must go!

Apparently the Tories are getting ready for another round of privatisations, in order to 'balance the books'. This is being portrayed as some kind of change of direction, which is not at all the case, as the current government has continued privatising with the same fervour as Maggie in her heyday.

So, the government borrows money from the central bank, which makes it out of thin air and hands it over. We the idiot taxpayers then have to pay the interest on this money. The government then gives this money in the form of a 'bail out' to the private corporations. The government being so close to broke by this scheme and unable to borrow any more, then sells off everything it can lay its hands on to the private corporations, who buy up anything of value with the money the government gave them. Then we end up paying the interest for the borrowing and whatever additional charges for using the assets that once belonged to us.

Okay, I may not have that exactly right, but the underlying principle is correct: We, the common people, are getting fucked in the arse.

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