Sunday, 13 September 2009

It couldn't happen here

Here is one reason why we should have the right to bear arms. In this country, if a woman had done the same thing, she would have been arrested, added to the DNA database for life. If she was unlucky, she'd be put through a trial and maybe sent down for manslaughter. If not manslaughter, they would have done her for illegal possession of a firearm.

But it couldn't have happened in this country. She wouldn't have been able to borrow a shotgun from a friend. So instead, she would have been raped, maybe murdered too, and her death would be considered a price worth paying to keep the servile masses disarmed.

(Hat tip: Libertarian Party Blog)


cisbio said...

FYI: English law does allow for self-defense, which in this case seems pretty clear cut.

Trooper Thompson said...

Yeah, you've got a right to self-defence, you're just not allowed to own the means of doing so. You are not allowed to own a gun for the reason of self-defence. It has been illegal for, I think 60 years. In any case, you know as well as I do, this situation would not occur in England. Someone borrowing a shotgun from a friend? Gimme a break.

cisbio said...

Stepping backing a bit:

What makes me laugh about all those gun fetishists is the conceit that they're protecting themselves against the big bad federal government! What utter shite!

It's like those dips have aircraft carriers, bunker-busters and A-bombs! yeh, right!

The only people they're gonna shot is each other! Fact. They haven't the firepower or the gumption to 'defend themselves' against the 'feds'. FACT.

Trooper Thompson said...

You can't help but jump at the ad hominem. This woman was not a gun fetishist, but the gun saved her life. There are rational reasons for believing in gun ownership.

The 2nd Amendment is for resisting the government, and you forget that the army and police are sworn to uphold the Constitution including the 2nd Amendment, and most of them are patriots. I certainly wouldn't volunteer to help disarm the American public.

Fighting an armed insurgency isn't as easy as you seem to think. The Taliban are still fighting, no matter what superiority NATO has over them. What makes you think Americans wouldn't fight just as well in a "Red Dawn" situation?