Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Who would notice, Denis?

Denis MacShane MP writes:

"The attempt by the law firm Carter-Ruck, acting on behalf of the oil firm Trafigura, to place a secret injunction on the media's reporting of an MP's question in the Commons sets a disturbing precedent, even if the order has now been dropped. If MPs were no longer to be able to say anything under parliamentary privilege against the rich and powerful, then the lawyers, off-shore media proprietors and state officials might as well dissolve parliament and run Britain without MPs."

I was going to make the point that, as MacShane and his fellow-travellers have done so much to hand over Parliament's sovereignty, (and not to its rightful owners, the people, but to the globalist oligarchy), it was a bit late in the day to start bleating about it. But when I re-read the paragraph above in isolation from the rest of the article, I thought maybe he has a point. Why not close down Parliament? Let the country see what difference it would make. I doubt the majority would notice, and without the puppet show of Westminster, people might be more inclined to look at who really is running this country.

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