Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fall of the Republic: released tomorrow

Alex Jones' latest info-bomb will be exploding all over the internet tomorrow. Get ready.

As Paul Joseph Watson writes:

"While the criminals who have hijacked the world financial system continue to pose as saviors and swallow up more power in the name of fixing the very problems that they created, Alex Jones latest documentary blockbuster Fall Of The Republic exposes the real agenda of the financial terrorists who have bankrupted America in their quest for world domination and global serfdom.

The majority of Fall Of The Republic is devoted to an in-depth investigation into how the vultures of global corporatism exploited the engineered financial meltdown to begin the step by step implementation of their economic new world order – a parasitical financial system expertly crafted to benefit the elite few while destroying the living standards of the middle class and sinking the planet into a new dark age."

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