Sunday, 18 October 2009

German ministers to receive flu vaccine without deadly adjuvants... unlike the rest of the population

According to Spiegel, the German government are to receive special, adjuvant-free flu shots, whereas everyone else (who is dumb enough to roll up their sleeve) will get the one with mercury, squalene (linked to Gulf War Syndrome) and, according to German lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg, cancerous animal cells. Mmm, tasty.

Prison Planet, covering the Spiegel story, state:

"Spiegel reports that there is an “open rebellion” by general medical professionals and child physicians in Germany over use of the toxic vaccine. Dieter Ludwig, chairman of the drug commission of the German medical profession, told Spiegel that health authorities have colluded with pharmaceutical companies.

On July 13, the World Health Organization ordered the inclusion of the deadly adjuvants in the H1N1 vaccine. WHO’s vaccine advisory panel is stacked executives from Baxter, Novartis, GSK and Sanofi. Baxter’s own scientists have stated in the New England Journal of Medicine that adjuvants do not improve antibody response."

I think I'm gonna pass on the cancerous animal cells, if it's all the same to you Doktor Mengele cocksuckers.

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