Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Royal Society shills for GM industry

Despite public hostility to genetically-modified food, despite numerous studies linking genetically-modified food to cancer and infertility, despite not one shred of evidence that genetically-modified crops increase yields or benefit anyone or anything other than the satanic corporations that push them, the Royal Society is lending Monsanto and their pals a hand, by publishing a report calling for their introduction, using the tried and trusted tactic of asserting apocalyptic disaster if we don't.

According to the Telegraph:

"Many in the Cabinet and Whitehall appear to be convinced that Britain can no longer resist its introduction into the UK market".

Oh really. For what reason can Britain no longer resist this? Because of trade treaties that over-ride our national sovereignty, or because those many in the Cabinet and Whitehall have their pockets stuffed with brown envelopes from the biotech companies?

Hat tip: Alison

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