Saturday, 24 October 2009

The spirit of Rainsborough

Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance delivered a barn-storming speech, or at least that's how it reads, to a Conservative Association somewhere in England. Whether it was a case of pearls before swine, he would know better than I, but it fits within a fag paper of my own views, and he cited Thomas Rainsborough, which always gains favour in my eyes. I would reproduce it here, but would dwarf my own meagre output, nevertheless I urge my dear readers to check it out.


alison said...

I went over to the Libertarian Alliance blog looked at the masthead saw the whole libertine tits ass Keeley bullshit and left as quickly as I clicked. I hate libertines. They're part of the modern problem.

alison said...

I'm not sure what is I am supposed to read but I don't feel free to read it in an environment which defines women as nothing but sluts. It's like that's the libertarian mascot for "freedom" when it is anything but. Can you take the salient points and put them below? You don't have to but I would have liked to have read it :(

Trooper Thompson said...

I'm not quite up to that task at this particular moment, but I'll do so in due course. However, I'm sure this will be one we disagree on.