Friday, 23 October 2009

Who'd be a teacher?

I've made my opposition to state-run schools very clear over the years of this blog. Here are two examples of why it can only get worse.

In the first instance, a man, well-respected, with years of service, is branded a criminal, loses his livelihood, will never teach again, because he manhandled a disruptive, abusive teenager out of his classroom. He didn't hit the kid, he didn't do anything wrong, and he certainly didn't do anything that would have been considered out of place when I was at school in the 80s.

In the second case, a teaching assistant does something similar, this time to an abusive teenager who threatens to stab him. Again, no physical harm was done to the little wanker, but the assistant is hauled through the courts (mercifully he is acquitted), and is even banned from living with his own children.

Anybody with any kind of double-figure IQ can understand why our society is fucked. Anybody, it seems, except the Fabian psychopaths who control the system. Or maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what they fucking wanted all along.

It is not Fabius Maximus who inspires them, but Milton's Satan: 'Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven', and hell is exactly where they're going and where they're dragging us all, if we don't smash their power.


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