Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A would-be demagogue speaks

Under the gathering darkness of Fabian tyranny, strange juxtapositions can be made out, despite the gloom.

On the one hand, all of us common people are now treated as potential predatory paedophiles, required to prove that we are not, by submitting ourselves to be logged into one of the state's gargantuan and porous databases. Only this official sanction, a piece of paper from a faceless bureaucrat, which in fact proves nothing, permits us to be considered untainted by deranged perversion.

On the other hand, those few despicable aberrations who prey upon the young, and are known, through conviction in a court of law, to pose a serious threat to our children, the officials of the so-called justice system will find any means at their disposal to leave them at liberty, and when they inevitably commit another crime, the same pantomime is repeated.

Common sense and our sense of justice is outraged and insulted day by day. This must change, we tell ourselves, and change it must, and change it can, and change it will when we finally break the conditioning that keeps us rooted in passive isolation.

The architects of the system that enslaves us know we despise them and that we want change. So they tell us we live in a democracy and every five years we get to choose between two factions - the red and the blue - but everything carries on as before. Soon there will be another election, and most likely the incumbents will be thrown out, because it is scarcely conceivable that any government could be worse, could be more destructive to our liberties and to the state of the nation. But torture doesn't get any less torturous, if they switch the guy who's winding the rack. There is no hope in the tories.

There is a way out of this. The scientific dictatorship will be defeated. It will not be easy. It may even be bloody, but anything that's worth anything is worth fighting for. On our side we have truth, justice and love. What do they have, but lies, fear and weakness?


Sue said...

We need to vote for "non of the above" and we need a new system of political representation. One that works FOR the people.

Unfortunately, we are rapidly being signed away to Europe and unless we come out completely, we will be part of the New World Order.

Conspiracy theorists used to make me laugh, they don't anymore.

Trooper Thompson said...

You don't need to dig into conspiracy theories, just read the documents of the exponents of, what is euphemistically called, 'global governance'. It's got to the point when they have to come out of the shadows.

Even as they announce world government, they still call you a nut if you are against their agenda. This way they play the cognitive dissonance card. Their arguments are weak, but if you only tune into the mainstream media, you will never hear them challenged. That control of information has been smashed by the internet, hence their desperation to seize control of this medium. I'd like to think the genie's already out of the bottle, but who knows?