Saturday, 24 October 2009

You can fool some of the people...

From JBS:

"With the Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference less than two months away, a new poll reveals that more and more Americans are seeing through the hype. Meanwhile, the Internationalists are squealing that Obama isn’t doing enough to push their agenda.

A poll by the Pew Research Center has documented a 20 point drop in the number of Americans who believe in anthropogenic (that is, man-made) climate change." (Read the article)

(Hat tip Fausty's Libertarian Blog for the vid)


alison said...

Man made global warming is an overhyped crock

There are certain things I subscribe to like a degree of responsibility in taking care of the environment, pollution, recycling, waste and landfill etc. But the idea that the little guy gets to foot the bill by taxing air travel out of sight when it causes the least emissions is what alerted me to this schtick. It's all an elaborate excuse to tax us to hell and back. The idea was born out of Thatchers attempts to sort out the miners.

Trooper Thompson said...

I totally agree, with regard to taking care of the environment.

It's true that the issue gained impetus as a cover for the smashing of the miners' power, but the roots go much deeper, I believe. A lot of the environmental movement's agenda is just a lick of paint on old-fashioned malthusianism. By focusing on the bogeyman of carbon dioxide, they have made humanity the enemy. From the point of view of the elitists (and this can clearly be seen in a meeting of billionaires a few months ago, in Canada I believe)is that there are just too many of us damn peasants around, and we need to be culled.

James Higham said...

Wonder how Obama would poll now with the CFR and the others?

Trooper Thompson said...

There's your answer.