Saturday, 14 November 2009

The climate cult circle-jerk in operation

Consider this lead-in from the Guardian:

"World leaders cannot use the global recession as an excuse to delay action on climate change, according to leading economists."

Leading economists, huh? I wonder who they might be? In fact, the reference is to a report from the 'ESRC Centre for Climate Change and Economic Policy'. No, I've not heard of them either. I wonder who funds them? That's right - WE DO, via a slush fund at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (sic).

So, in summary, the government hands our money to their academic chums, who then call upon the government to take action that the government wanted to do all along, and their media pals can spin it as if the pressure is coming from independent experts.


Anonymous said...

Their dishonesty is staggering. 'Mainstream' economists tend to be schooled in the left-leaning theories. Precious few of them have been schoold in Austrian Economicst - which explains why almost all of them failed to spot the impending financial crisis.

Austrian economists, almost to a man, saw it coming. But then, they're not reliant on government funding or patronage.

Trooper Thompson said...

Right, and they don't want to join the circle-jerk!