Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Grand Petition

This Parliament has grown offensive to the people. It serves neither our will nor our interests. Our individual rights have been encroached upon by a government that sees no limitations on its power. Our criminal law no longer delivers justice for victims, punishment to wrong-doers, nor protection for the public. The nation’s sovereignty has been sold, bartered and given away for nothing in a thousand treaties, not least of which the infamous Lisbon Treaty, for which we were promised a referendum by each of the three main parties, and each one in its turn, betrayed that promise.

What does it matter who we elect to a Parliament which has given away its right to change the laws which govern us?

Did they think, these politicians, that we would not notice? Do they also think they are so far above us in judgement, that they need pay no heed to our wishes or views? Which do they claim, that matters like sovereignty and justice are of such importance, the common people’s voice must be excluded, or that these are trifling matters we should leave in their good care? In either case we must protest. What evidence can they produce to justify their superiority in brain power? What examples can they offer of their good stewardship? Can we not assert the contrary with many examples of our own?

This can go on no longer. We don't need them and we gain nothing from having them prance and pontificate on the political stage. We must use this coming General Election to demand of all those seeking our votes that the necessary changes, detailed below, will be made...

To be continued.

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