Wednesday, 11 November 2009

In three years time...

... a child will probably be abducted and raped, thanks to our paedo-loving judges. Should we be thankful for small mercies? At least this time the judge locked the vile criminal up for a short while, unlike the last time when Judge Adrian Smith patted him on the head and set him free to rape again.

If I let a crocodile or a polar bear loose and it attacked somebody, could I say "I had no idea. The crocodile didn't attack anyone when he was in the cage. I did a risk assessment and everything..."? Naturally, I would be held responsible, on the grounds that such creatures are known to be dangerous, so releasing one would be utterly reckless. Yet our judges do the equivalent every day and are never held to account. A young child was kidnapped and raped because Judge Adrian Smith considered his primary duty to endulge a dangerous predatory child-rapist, rather than to protect the public or give justice to the victim. If he had a shred of decency, he'd have resigned. But he hasn't. He's a judge.

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