Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Speaking as a republican...

... reading this story sends me reeling between derisive laughter and impotent rage.

Firstly, there is the question of whether the royal succession laws are 'outdated'.


It's an hereditary monarchy. What the fuck do you expect? You want an hereditary monarchy that's fit for the 21st Century? That's what I'd call an oxymoron.

Back in January 1066, Harold Godwinson became King of England: elected by the Witenagemot. Not exactly direct democracy, but a damned sight better than hereditary succession. Almost a thousand years has passed and we're still in a state of regression.

But as I read on I discover that this little matter is not something we, in this country, can do anything about. Apparently we would need approval from the Commonwealth, before any such change could be made. What a cheek! Our Head of State, and it's nothing that we can change without others' approval. What a great system, eh?

If only Robert Blake had lived a little longer...


alison said...

I adore our constitutional monarchy. It's served us very well. Sorry. I'd fight you to the death over this country becoming republican - literally worship a politician the way they do in the US?Over my dead body! I'm sure you republicans would arrange that, you lot are into bloody and pointless 'revolutions'! :D

Trooper Thompson said...

Bloudy cavalier!

What nerve to talk about 'worshipping' politicians. This is far more applicable to royalty. As for me, I spend my time trying to think up obscene insults for politicians, rather than worshipping them.

Trooper Thompson said...


Come the bloody revolution, I won't put you up in front of the firing squad - unless you absolutely insist! :)