Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Free Hussain and give him a medal

I was arguing over at Longrider's about the recent conviction of Mr Hussain for defending us from a would-be armed robber, who'd busted into his house, tied up his wife and kids and threatened to kill them all.

I say to the jury – shame on you! By finding him guilty, you empower the violent thieves who want to break into our homes and terrorise us. You fools!

So what if he’s guilty? What do you think a jury's for?

Consider it a well-deserved two-fingered salute to the paedophile-loving, rapist-loving, fancy-dress travesties who call themselves judges and have fiddled whilst our justice system collapsed in smoke and flames.

The judge presiding gave a speech about how the very pillars of civilization would come crashing down if people dare to seek their own justice (their own being the only available).

Meanwhile the man who attempted robbery with a deadly weapon is sent on his way without any punishment. And not for the first time. But the joke Law decided that he deserves another chance, and that we the public do not merit protection from the almost inevitable crime that follows.

I’d far rather live with the consequences of letting this man go free. I figure he poses no threat to me, as long as I don’t tie up his wife and children and threaten to stab them.

No way would I convict Hussain.

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