Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Naked body scans and the slave mentality

"Will you be wanting anything from the duty free trolley, sir?"

Fuck me, there are a lot of dumbed down slaves out there. Reading the comments on the Daily Mail's article 'Would you be happy to take the naked body scan?' is enough to make me vomit. All these people who just lurve having their rights violated. Here's one:

"I don't have a body to be proud of but I would use the scanner without hesitation. I would rather be alive and know that my flight was going to be safe rather than blown up into pieces because of someone's extreme religious beliefs."

Here's another:

"Sorry but body scanning should be made COMPULSORY for ALL individuals boarding planes, boats etc or passing through ANY international borders, full stop!! I am all for it, and for children too. If you object to this then you can't travel. Security must be tight to deter these fanatics from ruining the world. I have nothing to hide so am 100% behind it."

There ain't nothing fuckers like this won't do if somebody in a uniform tells them to do it. These are the people who make genocide possible.

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