Monday, 18 January 2010

Beyond parody: Fabian Ed Balls accuses the tories of 'social engineering'

What can you say about Ed Balls, a key Fabian operative in the Brownist junta, accusing the tories of 'social engineering'?

Surely this is the highest praise, coming from the mouth of a Fabian? Their whole agenda is based on social engineering. Indeed, their spiritual guide George Bernard Shaw went as far as to advocate the use of gas chambers to rid society of undesirables, which is close to the ultimate in terms of social engineering. Is he complaining perhaps that the tories are stealing labour clothes? In fact, no. He is actually criticising the tories, on the basis that social engineering is a bad thing - at least when practiced by non-Fabians.

So what social engineering is he opposing? Why, supporting married couples and families. Naturally, he tells us what we all know, that the best upbringing for a child is to be raised by two married parents, but any attempt to support this traditional family is wrong, because it will 'stigmatise' those children who are not so lucky.

Right, so to support married parents is social engineering which will (in a zero sum game) be to the detriment of single parents and their children. Does this not mean that Balls and his Fabian pals have been attempting social engineering in the opposite direction? Intentionally seeking to break up and denigrate married families?

Yes it does. Why? Because that is what the Fabians have always wanted.

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