Thursday, 7 January 2010

GM poison - The New Green

The UK government's chief egg-head is obviously not earning enough from advising HM's ministerial mockeries, so he has to turn a trick or two for the bio-tech pimps. Thus he proclaims we must launch a 'newer and greener revolution' in agriculture - 'green' in this context being the very antithesis of what it is usually understood to mean. This is a new kind of green, whereby diabolical monopolists like Monsanto get to poison the planet with their unwanted, toxic, cancer-causing GM crops. But how can this be marketed to an unwilling public?

The article tells us:

"For six months the government has been preparing the way with a series of reports on consumer opinion. Announcements from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) over the summer also began to frame GM as a new moral imperative in feeding the world."

The usual global catastrophe crap, which the loving bio-tech industry is going to save us from, and please don't mention all those tests where the rats drop dead, or the stats that show the bio-tech industry's propaganda is a crock of equine fertiliser, or bring up Monsanto's legacy in Vietnam or Brofiscin in Wales.

Yeah right, professor. Because you're a scientist, I'm supposed to believe your words without question? GM crops are not safe and they are most certainly not 'green'.

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