Thursday, 7 January 2010

Good for Iceland

England and Iceland have something to unite around: we all think Alistair Darling and his dysfunctional boss are cunts. I'm glad they've risen up and told their politicians to piss off.

Am I supposed to feel bad that they're refusing to pay back all that money? I don't. Not one penny of it was coming my way. Considering our national debt, it would be like throwing a thimble of water on a forest fire. And what does Darling threaten them with? "You can't join our EU club." Excellent. One more nation saved from the bureaucratic tyranny of Herman van Fuckwit and his crew of traitorous quisling scum.

What this country needs far more than Iceland's money is an example of a people standing up in protest against the hated political class and winning.

Pic: Bob Krist/Corbis

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