Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Gordon Brown want to photograph your child's naked body

Gordon Brown wants to change the law to force children into scanners which photograph every inch of their naked bodies. He doesn't give a fuck that these scanners damage DNA. He'll get his cut from the billion dollar contracts once he's kicked out of Downing street in five months, same as that murdering criminal Tony Blair, now a multi-millionaire.

Not just children, of course. Everyone. Old ladies. Pregnant women. Nazi Paedo New Labour don't care if an unborn baby gets damaged. It will be impossible to prove that the scanner caused the damage.

The airports are where the public is trained to give up all their rights and acquiesce in the tyranny over them. It doesn't matter that almost everything done to us is pointless and ridiculous. Nail clippers and tweazers are treated as offensive weapons. Women nursing babies are forced to drink breast milk to prove its not a bomb. Toiletries are put in clear plastic bags. Why? No one knows or dares to ask the praetorian guards, in case this is taken as a grounds for suspicion.

This cannot be tolerated. This must be resisted.

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