Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Martin Turner, you piece of trash, I'm calling you out!

Like so many wannabe politicians, one Martin Turner of the Lib Dem Party has turned his hand to blogging. But, as usual, there's something missing. That's right - comments. You can submit them, no problem, but don't expect them to appear.

I'm not claiming I have a right to express my views on his dull blog, it's not a freedom of speech issue, but at the end of Turner's flaccid 'why I don't deign to respond to the Albion Alliance' - MORON! What do you think your stoopid post is, if not a response? - he says:

"if you want an honest answer, then ask an honest question, and if you want a sensible answer, then ask a sensible question.."

Therefore I commented:

"The reason for the formation of the Albion Alliance is because Labour and Lib Dems betrayed clear manifesto commitments to hold a referendum, and lately the tories jettisoned their commitment. Hence our desire to pin you politicians down. It doesn't mean to say we believe you'll be true to your word, but at least we'll know where we stand.

You want an honest question? A sensible question? Okay, here's the question:

Will you push for a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU?

Let me remind you Nick Clegg called for this during the 'debate' over the Lisbon Treaty. If my question is not honest or sensible, please explain why.

So if you're passing Martin Turner, why don't you answer the fucking question? Too difficult for you? I doubt it. YOU DON'T WANT TO ANSWER BECAUSE A TRUTHFUL ANSWER WILL REVEAL YOU TO BE AN UNPRINCIPLED PRICK.

I hope nobody votes for you.

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