Sunday, 24 January 2010

My ballot still up for grabs

With the election coming this side of midsummer, I am surely not alone in pondering my vote. The choice is as follows:

1) The double bluff - don't bother voting

Don't give 'em the oxygen of legitimacy. Let it fall. One vote doesn't make any difference anyway, does it?

2) Spoil the ballot

This is a less nihilistic version of the above. No bad language, mind - don't oppress the tellers with obscenity, lest you lose the moral highground.

3) Vote UKIP

Don't know if they're standing my way. Ditto times two the Libertarians (these latter really should lose the bastard griffin - I've got a way better symbol for the party, but would they listen?)

4) Vote for some other minor party or independent

Maybe they'll have no chance of winning, but help them avoid losing their deposit.

5) Vote Tory

NOOOOOOOOO! I can't do it. I can't pretend they're the answer. I know the change they offer is an illusion - like a hit of smack on desolation row, we'll still be lying on the piss-stained mattress.

6) Vote Lib Dem

Fuck off. No way.

And that is all the options available.

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